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Retreat and Conference Center - old photo of the Church at the time of its dedication in 1914
Retreat & Conference Center

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Henderson House

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Spickard House

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Cultural Immersion

Cultural Immersion is a term relating to any kind of hands-on experience involvement in the culture of the community. Henderson Inn is melding these elements together in an effort to help you have a wonderful, complete experience. WELCOME TO OUR NEIGHBORHOOD!

HISTORY & AGRICULTURE: Stafford, Kansas is a unique rural community steeped in agriculture, nature and history. On the surface, it's just a small town…but there is SO much to discover. Many of the town's buildings were built in the early 1900s. There was a lot of wealth being developed then, primarily relating to the Larabee family and the building of the Larabee Flour Milling empire. Of course, the flour milling all ties into the agriculture and wheat specifically. What a history to discover!

NATURE: Then, there's National Wildlife Refuge, 22,000 acres of wetlands.

: Gateway to Quivira. Quivira NWR and the whole of Stafford County has become a sanctuary for countless wildlife species and migratory birds.

With a declining people population, the wildlife habitat is gaining and growing. To capture this nature experience, we have a naturalist and a naturalist photography to offer hands-on workshops on PHOTOGRAPHING this incredible ever-changing landscape of wildlife, birds, and nature. And there's HUNTING!

AN EXPERIENCE FOR YOU: With all of these wonderful resources and the wonderful lodging facilities of Henderson Inn, we are working to develop an attractive cultural immersion venue for YOU. We have attempted to develop complete experiences but know many will want to customize their experience based on their interests. Therefore, keep in mind we can custom design a package for you. We have group rates well.

Come enjoy our unique variety of activities.


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Stafford, KS
The Henderson complex is a whole “neighborhood within the town." Stafford is a small, quiet town of about 1300. Downtown Stafford is within easy walking distance. Much of Stafford was built between 1900 & 1920... And that is most of what you will see today. It’s a very charming community. There are more properties in Stafford listed on the National Register of Historic Places than in any other town our size (Stafford Library, old Farmers National Bank Building, Stafford Methodist Church, Henderson House, Spickard House, Covenanter Church- last 3 are ours) .

Welcome to our neighborhood…for special events, overnight (or longer) stays, retreats, seminars, and conferences.

Attention: Nature Lovers

40 easy minutes via US 50 from Hutchinson. Great for families and groups. We are the gateway to Quivira National Wildlife Refuge and we are on the scenic southern end of the Wetlands and Wildlife National Scenic Byway
A wonderful vacation location while enjoying all the natural beauty we have to offer. Special rates for groups over extended period. Can’t beat our prices and facilities. No bed tax.

Location of Stafford and Quivira Refuge in Kansas Stafford Map
Stafford is 85 miles NW of Wichita via KS-96 and US-50 Click map to see larger Stafford map

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Innkeeper: Tina Julian
Office: 201 N. Green, Stafford, KS 67578
Reservations: 1-800-888-1417 or 1-316-682-5803

Owners: Clare & Nancy Moore

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