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Fall Migration at
Quivira National Wildlife Refuge


Henderson House B & B and Retreat Center, Stafford, KS
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Retreat and Conference Center - old photo of the Church at the time of its dedication in 1914
Retreat & Conference Center

Henderson House Henderson House
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Quivira National Wildlife Refuge
is an incredible place for you to visit. Every year we have 60,000 to 100,000 "people" visitors to Quivira National Wildlife Refuge.Great Egret It was established in 1955 by the Federal government to provide and protect migratory waterfowl in the Central Flyway. It's 22,135 acres is an unbelievable resource in Stafford County, Kansas. The residents of Stafford County are very proud of this natural resource and encourage you to visit this refuge and enjoy the many other hidden treasures of Stafford County, Kansas.

Henderson Inn is very proud to be part of this county and extremely close to the refuge. We provide an unbelievable place for you to stay and experience a slower more relaxed time. The residents of Stafford County are very interested in making you feel welcome.

The sky turns BLACK with birds as they migrate in the fall. You don't want to miss this wonder of nature!

Photography courtesy of Jerry Segraves. To contact Jerry for additional information on his photography services and images please email him at jerrysegraves@gmail.com.

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