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Join us for Sand Hill Plum Jelly Making!

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Sand Hill Plum Jelly Making


Pick N’ Choose your experience! And have a wonderful time doing it. We’ll make it easy for you to enjoy the ‘fruits’ of your labor. Make jelly to give as gifts. Bring your friends and family to have fun making Sandhill Plum Jelly that is totally a Kansas product.


  • Pick your own Sand Hill Plums. $10 per person.


Picking season-7/20-8/10 (depending on weather and ripening conditions). We start at 8am and pick for maximum of 2 hours (pick in the cool of the day). Pick what you want and bring your lawn chair and sit in the shade. We can pick for you at $12 per gallon. If we pick, cost is $24. per batch (1 1/2 quarts per batch with each gallon of plums yielding 2 batches or ¾ gallon of juice).

  • Cook down the plums to juice. $5 per gallon.


Each gallon of plums makes about ¾ gallon of juice. Each gallon of plums makes about 2 batches of jelly. You join in helping us ‘cook down’ your  plums. We cook about 4-6 gallons of plums at a time. This is about a 2 hour process.

  • Cook juice and make jelly. $30 per batch.

Sugar and pectin is provided. 1 batch of jelly takes about 1 ½ quarts of juice. Each batch of jelly makes about 10 9oz jars of jelly. This is about a 2 hour process.      

  • Jars for jelly. $30 for 12 jar case of 9 ounce jars.


Our jars are hexagonal oval jars with a gold colored lid. Makes a very attractive gift jar. 12oz jars are available in the same style at $35 per dozen. You can bring your own jars if you wish.

  • Labels for jars. $12 for a dozen labels.

These are attractive labels that are personalized with your name.

  • Sand Hill Plum Jelly in 9 oz jars with personalized label. $9.50 per jar ($114/case).


Or about $8.25 per jar ($99./case) if we pick and you join in the rest of the process or about $6.60 per jar ($79.20/case) if you pick and join in all preparations and you provide jars and labels. Minimum one case (12 jars per case).


NOTE: We have designed the whole jelly making process for you to Pick N’ Choose your involvement. If you wish to buy our jars of sand hill plum jelly ready-made, we can do the process for you and label your jars with your personalized label. Or bring your grandchildren, children or just yourself with friends and experience some old fashioned cooking processes or just enjoy the fruits of our labor and/or any mix of involvement you like. Shipping is expensive. You can almost come spend a night at our B & B for the cost of shipping…and have a wonderful learning experience at grandma’s house!

This year (2010) we have a bumper crop of Sand Hill Plums! For the past 3-4 years the plum crop has frozen out so who knows what future years may be like. Because of the great crop you should make plans to get involved this year. Sand Hill plums are native to Kansas, especially in and around Stafford County. The sand hill plum makes wonderful jelly, jam or syrup that has a tasty sweet tart flavor. Great for jelly or jam on toast or English muffins or syrup on pancakes and waffles!


The Henderson complex is a whole “neighborhood within the town." Stafford is a small, quiet town of about 1300. Downtown Stafford is within easy walking distance. Much of Stafford was built between 1900 & 1920... And that is most of what you will see today. It’s a very charming community. There are more properties in Stafford listed on the National Register of Historic Places than in any other town our size (Stafford Library, old Farmers National Bank Building, Stafford Methodist Church, Henderson House, Spickard House, Covenanter Church- last 3 are ours) .

Location of Stafford and Quivira Refuge in Kansas Stafford Map
Stafford is 85 miles NW of Wichita via KS-96 and US-50 Click map to see larger Stafford map

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Innkeeper: Tina Julian
Office: 201 N. Green, Stafford, KS 67578
Reservations: 1-800-888-1417 or 1-316-682-5803

Owners: Clare & Nancy Moore

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